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Research Expansion: Emphasizing Fantasy Story Text in Indonesian Language Learning

Sumiyadi Sumiyadi


Fantasy story text is an Indonesian language learning material for the seventh-grade. The theory of fantasy text, as proposed by Todorov and Jackson, can accommodate a wider reference. The purpose of this paper is to provide insights related to fantasy stories by analyzing two fantasy novels, Nataga: the Little Dragon (NLD) and Anak Rembulan (AR). This paper uses descriptive analytical comparative method. Using Anderson's scaffolding of fantasy text construction and Todorov and Jackson's theory of fantasy text, the two novels are described, analyzed, and lastly compared. The findings show that NLD is similar to fables. However, NLD is not a fable because fables are short and they contain moral values. In AR, this merging is not due to any disorder–neither physical nor mental–because there is no text marker indicating that. Getting students to be more familiar with reading fantasy stories is one of the right ways for teachers to improve students’ literacy skills. The teachers are not limited to understanding the fantasy stories contained in the textbook. It is also necessary for them to gain more insights by reading other works so that research on learning fantasy story text is broader and of higher quality.


fables, fantasy story texts, marvelous, mimetic, uncanny

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