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Identification of Student Misconception about Dynamic Fluid

O. Saputra, M. Satriawan, A. Setiawan, D. Rusdiana, Muslim Muslim, Nurjannah Nurjannah, D. Lusiyanti


The purpose of this study was to determine how students possessed conceptions on the topic of dynamic fluid. The type of research conducted is a survey with a sample of 30 people held in one of the public schools in Bandung. The instrument used is a three-tier test with six numbers where each question consists of three questions. Data analysis showed that 65.32% of students had misconceptions, 13.06% of students did not understand, 6.76% were lucky/less confident and 14.86% had scientific knowledge about dynamic fluid concepts. Meanwhile, in terms of gender, female students experienced more misconceptions than male students.


Misconception, three tier test, gender

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