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Internalization of Islamic Values in Social Studies Learning at Miftahul Ulum Junior High School Plus

Hamidi Rasyid, Suwarma Almuchtar, Elly Malihah, Erlina Wiyanarti


The purpose of this research is to investigate the internalization of Islamic values in classroom instructions at Miftahul Ulum Junior High School Plus (henceforth SMP Plus Miftahul Ulum), as the school has already internalized Islamic values in the learning process in the classroom. The research method used is qualitative with the type of case study. The results showed that social studies teachers at SMP Plus Miftahul Ulum internalize Islamic values in social studies learning through 1) introduction, where students are introduced to values in Islamic boarding schools or at school through their daily activities both in reciting Islamic books in boarding schools and Social Studies instruction at SMP Plus Miftahul Ulum; 2) appreciation, by trying to live up the values that students already know so that they really understand the essence of the values; 3) strengthening, by further exploring the values so that the students can embody the Islamic values; 4) the habituation of Islamic values  so that they are useful for them and their environment; and the last is 5) practicing Islamic values that they already know, live and do in their daily activities. Their day must be seen from their behavior in everyday life both in the dormitory and the school environment.


Islamic value internalization, social studies instruction

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