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Children Inmates’ Legal Awareness Model: A Case Study at LPKA Maros

Muh Herisman, Cecep Darmawan, Abdul Aziz Wahab, Susan Fitriasari


The aim of this study was to determine children inmates’ legal awareness model in Penitentiary for Children (LPKA) Maros. This is done to promote the highest level of legal awareness. The research method used is qualitative with a case study approach. Two of his employees at LPKA Maros were involved in this study: Head of the Coaching Department and Head of the Education and Community Counseling sub-department. Data obtained by observation, interviews and documentation. Data testing techniques were performed with respect to data validity, improving persistence and triangulation. The results showed that there was an individual method in which the inmates were given individual guidance by the coaches of the inmates at LPKA Maros. And then, the method of coaching in groups, coaching from outside oneself, was obtained by the inmates at LPKA Maros from coaching officers at LPKA Maros as well as from outside parties such as from the Makassar Involvement Community, LBH Salewangang, Indonesian Muslim University, Hasanuddin University, Maros District Court and still much more. It can be concluded that children inmates’ legal awareness model at LPKA Maros has two methods: the individual method and the group method. LPKA Maros as the only LPKA in South Sulawesi should increase legal awareness development programs so that inmates after receiving legal awareness training at LPKA Maros do not repeat criminal acts.


Case Study, Children, Inmates, Legal Awareness

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