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A Proposal to Build a Knowledge Management System Based on the Service Approach in the Context of Academic Library Digitalization at Jazan University - Saudi Arabia

Eissa Mohammed Ali Qhal


In the previous decade, most of the major universities and public library systems have switched over to computers. However, almost all these library systems follow traditional implementation approaches which make it very difficult for them to interact with other systems or migrate to emerging technologies. Also, while most of the library systems do provide online, remote and public access catalogues for knowledge but they have still not utilized the power of cutting edge technologies to take complete advantage of the resources of virtual world. The subject of digital library includes online catalogues, real-time databases etc, while being used extensively in many fields, are still relatively unexplored in the academic world. In order to create a system which provides integrative, normative, reliability and inclusiveness with latest features yet remains open for modifications and extensions. It is important to choose an implementation approach which supports interoperability, abstraction and loose coupling of components and resources. Towards this end, Service oriented architectural approach (SOA) has proved to be very successful in fulfilling these needs in several areas. The idea behind this study is to propose a complete digital library and information services based learning environment using the SOA approach to apply for the academic libraries resources of the Jazan University so that gaps in terms of knowledge management as well as other services needs can be fulfilled with a single centralized architecture and framework.


Knowledge management, SOA; digitization; virtual rooms; online databases; interoperability; abstraction

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