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A Study of Emotional Intelligence of Teachers in Relation to Gender and Teaching Experience

Antara Dey, Nil Ratan Roy


The emotional intelligence of teachers has a very significant contribution to the educational field and helps to create a constructive teaching-learning ambiance. Emotionally intelligent persons are found successful in personal and professional life. Teachers’ high emotional intelligence directly or indirectly helps to all-around development and success of adolescent students. This article mainly attempted to explore the following objectives: to explore teachers' emotional intelligence concerning gender and to know teachers' emotional intelligence irrespective of different teaching experiences like less, medium, and highly experienced groups. Data were collected from 300 secondary school teachers of randomly selected 15 government-aided schools from five districts of West Bengal state in India. Data were collected using multistage sampling procedures. Data were analyzed using t-test and ANOVA. Major findings were female teachers were significantly more emotionally intelligent in relation to the male. Further, the medium-experienced teachers had more emotional intelligence than the low-experienced teachers. Finally, the robust findings indicated that emotional intelligence can be interrelated with other psychological variables and can be used in further studies in different research areas.


Adolescent, Constructive teaching-learning ambiance, Emotional Intelligence, Gender, Professional Life and Teaching Experience

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