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Local Wisdom of the Oral Tradition of Kerinci’s Pno Adat in Social Studies Instruction

Asnimawati Asnimawati, Nana Supriatna, Didin Saripudin, Mamat Ruhimat


This article aims to provide an overview of the results of research on the value of local wisdom in the oral tradition of the indigenous people of Kerinci as a source of social studies learning in schools. Data were collected using ethnographic methods and action research. The results of the study indicate that 1) Pno  adat in Kerinci contains character education values which are used as guidelines for behavior by the community, 2) The values in Pno adat include religious, legal, social care, and environmental care values, 3) the values in customary law can be used as material in social studies instruction based on local wisdom. The important meaning contained in each traditional Pno expression is very important to make social studies instruction more meaningful for students. The important values in Kerinci's Pno adat can be seen in three important aspects for students. First, the students' interest and passion for learning has increased. Second, teachers and books are no longer the main source of learning, and thirdly, the preservation of local culture in the form of local traditions can be done through education in schools.


Oral tradition, Pno adat, local wisdom, character education

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