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Effect of Competitive Intelligence Dimensions on Effectiveness of Marketing Strategies: A Path Analysis Approach

Mohammad Bahrami Gahrui, Zahra Omidi


One of the features of new organizations is the accumulation of excessive knowledge on a competitive scale, so that the information enhancement in organizations and the need for their analysis and proper and logical use in organizational decisions within the last two decades has led to the emergence of a phenomenon called Competitive Intelligence. Competitive Intelligence is considered as a strategic management tool and also as one of the world fastest domains in business development. The objective of this article is to identify the impact rate and prioritization of the categories and components of competitive intelligence patterns together with the effectiveness of marketing strategies in order to increase awareness and provide a better recognition of operational and executive solutions. In this paper, after introducing a competitive intelligence pattern, we used a questionnaire to identify the pattern components impact on the effect of marketing strategies among the Food Industry staff in Sari who were selected by stratified random sampling. The statistical analysis has shown that quality differences, barriers to entry and price sensitivity components and also competitive rivalries category have had the greatest impact on the effectiveness of marketing strategies.


Competitive intelligence; marketing strategies; food processing companies; Porter’s competitive forces; path analysis

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