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Study of Reliability & Validity of Communicative Responses to Jealousy in Ahwaz City Women

Rashin Sabri Nazarzadeh, Parvin Ehteshamzadeh, Ali khaleghkhah


The Purpose of this study is to verify reliability &validation of communicative responses to jealousy & relationship among sexual satisfaction, couples intimacy and communicative responses to jealousy in Ahwaz city’s women. Sample of this research was participated 527 couples selected with clustering sampling method. Research tool was communicative responses to jealousy, Enrich short form of sexual satisfaction & couple’s intimacy scale. Confirmatory factor analysis, Pearson correlation coefficient & regression are used for analysis of research data. Results showed that A & B form of communicative responses to jealousy had appropriate validity (A form: RSMEA= 0.1, GFI= 0.99, AGFI=0/98 &²/df= 1.39; B form: RSMEA= 0.15, GFI= 0.94, AGFI=0/87 &²/df= 1.28).


Communicative Responses to Jealousy, Sexual Satisfaction, Couple’s Intimacy.

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