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Teenagers’ Consumption within Habit Role through the Fuzzy Set Approach.

Maher Toukabri


The healthy products dedicated for young people are qualified as a solution to protect the future generation, especially taking into consideration that most commercial deals do not consider the consumer's health and environment. Therefore, it is crucial to define the antecedent of healthy purchases and to examine their impact on teenagers.

This research aims to explore the antecedents and the consequences of the consumption of Saudis teenagers. Therefore, we develop a research model in the conceptual framework and the hypotheses to test. The empirical analysis required two samples from Saudis youth consumers. The first sample was utilized in the exploratory study with SPSS software. Then, the second was employed to the confirmatory part with the Amos software, as well as the validation of the  hypotheses, and model with Fuzzy Set approach.

The findings of this study have significant insights into the Saudi consumption and implications for both practitioners and researchers. Then, we have particularly strenuous on intention purchase antecedents of organic foods, and their consume habit moderation.


self-efficacy; cosmopolitanism; habit; health concern; attitude-intention.

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