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An Ethnographic Probe on the Cultural Values and Symbols of Generation Z Students: Implications for Course Contextualization

Ruben Jr. L. Tagare


This research aimed to look into the cultural values and symbols of Generation Z Students as implications for contextualizing Physical Education courses in one of the leading State Universities in the Philippines to make learning more engaging and responsive to the needs and interests of students. This research employed a qualitative ethnographic research design with 205 research participants who participated in focus group discussions, extensive field observations, in-depth interviews, and field notes. The findings revealed seven (7) cultural values, namely: bonding, relaxing, able to share, knowing how to get along, updated with trends, being aware of surroundings, and open-mindedness; and three (3) symbols: gadget, online games, and social media were identified as essential implications in the contextualization of Physical Education course. This resulted in the conceptualization of a contextualized course syllabus in Tertiary Physical Education as a potential reference in the effective delivery of instruction.



Course contextualization, cultural values, generation z students, ethnographic research, generation symbols, curriculum enhancement

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