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The Effectiveness of Biopreparations on the Qualitative Properties of Feedstuff

A. L. Israyelyan, A.V. Sargsyan, F.N. Tkhruni, M.S. Sargsyan, B. Kh. Mezhunts, N.A. Musaelyan


It has been shown that in the process of enrichment of different green grass (silage), using a consortium endemic probiotic LAB strains (which sintesized bacteriocins) and yeast strain of Kluveromyces marxsianus 83(which synthesizing mycocin) led to increasing amounts of essential amino acids (in particular lysine and methionine) and protein. It has been shown that in the content of spore microflora, mold, bacteria contaminating silage was decreased with respect to the control. The technological parameters of silage have been determined.


feedstuff, protein, amino acids, feedstuff

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