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Using Integrated Assessment Level of Inquiry (LoI) in Developing Formal-Post Formal Operating Reasoning Prospective Teachers

Aa Juhanda, Nuryani Y. Rustaman, Topik Hidayat, Ana Ratna Wulan


Understanding of 21st century learning is a demand for teachers as a pedagogical framework in the learning process. Schools must also implement competencies not only focusing on mastering the content of the main subjects, but also academic content at a higher level. In general, science learning in the classroom emphasizes practical work rather than involving students in the thinking process. The ability to reason can have important educational implications. The need for developing important competencies for 21st century learning outcomes through various types of reasoning that are appropriate to the situation. This study aims to determine the use of the Level of Inquiry (LoI) integrated assessment of the formal-post-formal operational reasoning possessed by prospective teacher students. The research sample used included 24 students who contracted invertebrate zoology practicum lectures for the 2019/2020 Academic Year. The research instrument used in the form of 14 questions of formal-post-formal operational reasoning and observation sheets. The results showed that the use of the LoI integrated assessment had a significant effect in developing formal-post-formal operational reasoning. Students have different formal-post-formal reasoning on each indicator. The indicator of the highest formal-post-formal operational reasoning of students is in proportional reasoning and the lowest is in metasystematic reasoning.


Integrated assessment Level of Inquiry (LoI), formal-post formal operating reasoning, prospective teacher

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