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Technology and Livelihood Education Teachers’ Competence and Work Skills and Work Attitudes of Public High School Students

Christian H. Villegas


The study examined the relationship between Technology and Livelihood Education (TLE) teachers’ competence and students’ work skills and work attitudes. The study used the quantitative-descriptive method of research with a duly validated questionnaire as a research instrument. Simple random sampling was employed. Data were drawn from grade 8 public high school students of District VI, Manila. The students’ assessment on teachers’ competence revealed “Outstanding” in terms of Instructional Skills, Classroom Management, Guidance Skills, and Personal and Professional Skills. The students’ assessment on their Work Skills and Work Attitudes revealed “Outstanding”. TLE Teacher Competence: Instructional Skills, Classroom Management, Guidance Skills, Personal and Professional Skills, registered a significant relationship to the students’ Work Skills and Work Attitudes. It is recommended that TLE teachers of District VI, Manila, be resource speakers in various trainings, seminars, and conferences alike where they can share their expertise in this area of discipline, as they impart valuable wisdom with fellow educators. This is a way to cultivate their consistent and outstanding performances as educators. School administrators should continually encourage them to nurture and foster their knowledge to avoid any means of complacency. Similar and more in-depth studies on the TLE teachers’ competence and its effect on students’ performance utilizing other variables and wider sample are recommended to validate the findings of this study.


Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Master in Business Education, Technology and Livelihood Education, Teachers’ Competence, Work Skills, Work Attitudes.

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