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Influential Factors of Graduate Students’ Academic Performance: Success Factor of the Doctor in Education Management Alumni

Minna L. Comuyog, Caroline T. Sumande, Mark Anthony Aribon III


The nature of graduate school programs is clearly stipulated under the CHED Memorandum Order # 53 series of 2017, article 1 as the apex of educational system. Hence, this study wanted to identify the influential factors of graduate students’ academic performance in thriving for Doctor in Education Management program. Particularly, the study utilized a quantitative-descriptive design aided by a self-reporting questionnaire used as the main source of data gathering from 65% of the total graduates from 2017-2020. Varying influential factors have already been identified to properly addressed academic success in the graduate school program. and these factors are considered for a graduate student to continuously thrive to become better version of themselves. The implications of this study can be useful in determining the quality of the graduate program, strategies which can be developed to sustain student’s expectations, the important role played by the professors, by the institution of learning, and initiatives to halt attrition and sustain graduate student success.


Influential Factors, Academic Performance, Success Factor

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