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A Semiotic Analysis-Based Science Teaching Materials Development Training: Perceptions and Challenges of Teachers in Indonesia

Indra Budiman, Ida Kaniawati, Anna Pemanasari, Iwa Lukmana


Individual teachers are responsible for professional development that is consistent with scientific, social, and educational advancements. Individual teachers can improve their potential to function as learning agents by reflecting on their daily classroom experiences or brainstorming with colleagues about ways for planning, practising, and evaluating learning. The purpose of this study is to investigate the perceptions and challenges of junior high school science teachers regarding a semiotic analysis-based science teaching materials development training program. The data collection methods included a customized questionnaire, focus group discussions, and depth interviews. According to the findings, teachers reported having the opportunity to improve their lesson plans through semiotic analysis and the development of science teaching materials. Among the issues and challenges they identified was a lack of comprehension of how to examine a text's information density, abstraction, complexity, and authoritativeness, poor writing abilities, and difficulty adapting to newly designed semiotic-based science teaching materials. The study suggests that policymakers and educational organizations encourage science teachers and help them become more effective teachers across the nation.


development training program, science teacher, semiotic analysis, teachers’ perceptions

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