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Construction and Validation of an English Grammar Achievement Test (EGAT) for Secondary School Students: An Indian Perspective

Madhurima Chakraborty, Veerasamy Ambedkar


English language plays a vital role for career, higher education and employment, especially in society like India which has once been under the colonial rule. The need of learning English, therefore, calls for effective teaching strategies to be employed at the school level itself for enhancement of learning. To measure the progress of learners, their learning requires to be evaluated by the teachers. So, a systematic process showcasing the construction and validation of an achievement test in English Grammar was aimed at, to measure accurately, the progress of learning that occurred in the classroom, based on which further changes in teaching learning patterns can be incorporated, to improve the teaching and learning process by the teachers. The reliability of the test was ‘0.7’ with test-retest method and content validity was adopted as it is a grammar acievement test.


Achievement, Construction, Effective, English and Validation

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