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A Comparative Study of Process, Product and Process Genre Theory in Writing of Essay at Intermediate Level

Sabahat Parveen, Asif Iqbal, Zahida Javaid


Different approaches are introduced by number of researchers and scholars to improve writing skill of second language learner. The most prominent of them are product approach, process approach and genre process approach; these approaches 01 paved an instructional environment for learners in class room. The basic purpose of researcher to conduct this study is to investigate the effectiveness of these approaches on the writing skill of students at intermediate level. A quasi experimental study was conducted where one hundred and five students of Govt. college of Samnabad had participated in three and half month writing session, in this session different activities had been applied. To figure out the results pre and post- test were conducted. It is found that the genre process approach has more affirmative effect on the writing skill of students.


product approach, process approach, genre process approach, writing skill of students

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