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The Effect of Internal Marketing Dimensions on Organizational Commitment of Employees: An Investigation among Private Banks

Aamir Abbas, Muhammad Tayyeb Riaz


The Employees are also the customers of company and they have ability to change the future of organization. The purpose of this paper is to examine the effect of internal marketing on organizational commitment of employees in private banks of Faisalabad. A model was made to examine the factors affecting organizational commitment and it was tested empirically using a sample of 109. All the respondents were employees of different private banks working on different ranks. The questionnaire strategy was used for this research. Descriptive statistics and regression was run to find the results.

The paper found Job satisfaction, Understanding and differentiation and Inter-functional coordination and integration to be the most effective componentsof the internal marketing construct of the research model, making them key influencers of organizational commitment.

This study is confined to two things one is organizational commitment “Affective commitment” and other is internal marketing. The branches of private banks in Faisalabad were chosen for this research so the research place of this study is private banks of Faisalabad. Microfinance banks, public sector banks and development finance institutions are not under the shadow of this research umbrella. The paper outlines ways to effectively use internal marketing for making employees committed to bank. A marketing manager or policy maker can follow these outlines for making policy for employees.


Internal marketing, Integrated Marketing, Organizational commitment, Job Satisfaction, Inter-functional coordination and integration, Motivation

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