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A Model to Determine the Contractors’ Claims of Construction projects

Majid Gholhaki, Ali Kheyroddin, Ali Ghorbani


Complexity, dynamicity and uniqueness of construction projects, in addition to high financial turnover and numerous human resources increase the possibility and potential of claim between involved parties of execution. So claim is common involved and possible matter of subject. As the financial, qualitative and time effects of claims are high, it is necessary to recognize the contractors’ claim accurately in order to take an appropriate decision. In this study, a new model is presented to recognize the contractors’ claim which included three parts: common frequent claims, causes, and origins. To codify and design the model, 140 common claims and 60 causes which are originated of 7 origins were recognized. The model is used as decisive, determining, and anticipating model.


anticipating model, claim, contractor, model of claim determination

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