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Analysis of Gas Leak Events through the Combination of Tripod Beta and RCA Methods (Case Study: Fifth Refinery of South Pars Gas Complex)

Ehsan Gashtasebi, Saeed Givehchi, Mahnaz Nasrabadi


Nowadays, concerns about the consequences of events caused by hazardous substances have become a global issue, therefore, the purpose of this study is to analyze gas leak events in gas refinery by the combination of Tripod Beta and RCA methods. The case study is (phases of 9 and 10)the fifth refinery of South Pars Gas Complex.In order to gather information, library and field methods were used. The information was gathered by visiting the site and interviewing with operators and safety personnel. The questionnaire was used in this study. The statistical population included 15HSE and professional health care experts working at safety and operation units in the refinery. The gathered information was analyzed by a combination of Tripod Beta and RCA methods and library studies were used to make a conceptual research model and a theoretical framework. Based on the obtained results, the average age of participants in this study was 4.35 years. The results show that the dangers to human health with the average of 78.3 are the most important danger compared to equipment and environmental dangers. The most important threat to the equipment is the detectors’ breakdown and massive explosion, and the most important environmental danger is the increase of hydro-sulfur in the atmosphere. The death and injury to vital and sensitive parts of body have the highest frequency among other dangers. In fact, experts believed that death or serious injury to personnel should take the first priority. Corrective actions can include current processes and procedures, use of equipment, rules and regulations and the training of human resources.


gas leak, gas refinery, Tripod Beta, RCA

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