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Evaluating the Influential Factors on Virtual Social Network’s Users in Viral Marketing

Amir Shiekhahmadi, Mohammad Ali Nematbakhsh, Kayvan Zarei


These days, by attending to the ever-increasing development of social networks and fast development of the virtual relationship with millions of massage interaction possibility in a second by these powerful beds, social networks analyses have been attended by analyzers and experts in different areas, especially in business and marketing fields. Companies and producers, because of marketing development in this part, and service presenters through the world believe that goods advertisement is vital in sailing success and presenting the services and company's profitability. Naturally, the last, past and traditional methods are not suitable. so, the online social networks transfer their advertisements to the customers in different parts of the world with low cost and fast spreading. Therefore, knowing the effective nodes in fast and low-cost spreading and effective recommendations for companies changed to a great challenge by attending to the giant structure of these networks. In this article, the factors, which are over the effective advertisement and services, have been extracted and the needed data have been gathered from Facebook virtual network users (437samples).

The gathered data were analyzed in before stages by SPSS software. The stability of the questioners was verified by Cronbach's Alfa coefficient, and finally the suitable results and approaches were presented about recognizing the effective factors in social networks and their impacts scale on social network users which can be effective in viruses marketing area for increasing the business companies' advertisement spreading for reducing the costs of advertisement and comprehension of the advertisement.


Viral marketing; Social network; Social Network Analysis; Influential factors

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