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Evaluating Iranian and Indian victims’ beliefs about wife beating

Rahamatollah Saidi, Y.S. Siddegowda


The present study wants to explore the evaluation of wife beating phenomenon among Iranian and Indian victims of domestic violence. For this purpose, 400 samples including 200 Indian women and 200 Iranian women were randomly selected from Iran and India. First, the Inventory of Beliefs about Wife Beating including 4 components- wife beating is justified, wives gain from beatings, help should be given, offender should be punished and offender is responsible, was answered by the participants. Then, the collected data were subjected to Multi-vitiate Analysis of variance. Iranian sample had high scores on justification of beating wife, gain for wives and responsibility and punishment for husband. Indian sample had high scores on rendering help for the victims of domestic violence. Unemployed victims had high scores on gain and rendering help.


partner violence, beliefs about wife beating, justification, Iran and India

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