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Evaluation of the effectiveness of employee`s performance system case study: Saderat Bank-East Azerbaijan branch

Soleyman Iranzadeh, Hossein Poursmaeil


The majority of theoreticians in the field of human resources management believe that organizations must evaluate their personnel before they make any decision about their promotion, salary increase, relocation, and appointment. They must also estimate their performance, talent, potential capabilities and effectiveness based on appropriate criteria. The purpose of this research is to study the effectiveness of employees' performance appraisal system in East Azerbaijan Saderat bank. The present research is analytic-descriptive and 300 employees of Saderat bank participated in it. Data were collected by a questionnaire consisting of 34 questions. The validity and reliability of the questionnaire were determined by Laurel and the collected data were analyzed by SPSS. T-test was used for studying the results and statistics. According to the result achieved, it was concluded that there was a strong positive correlation between employees' performance appraisal system and improvement of performance level, determination of training needs, increase of knowledge level, specification of payment system, establishing an effective communication system and identification of effective and non-effective employees in Saderat bank. To have a sound and logical appraisal, all the criteria determined by top managers must be sound and logic.


performance appraisal, effectiveness, training, organization commitment

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