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Effect of Ostracism and General Education on Career Development under Mediation of Personality: A Study of Religious Schools in Pakistan

Arsala Marium Khan, Muhammad Waqas Sadiq, Syed M. Imran Haider Naqvi


How ostracism affects personality and career development of the students in recognized religious schools (Madrassas) in Pakistan? How general education averts ostracism and improves personality and career development in Madrassas? How all these variables are associated? It was significant finding answers to these questions as yet in literature the mentioned variables are considered separate constructs whereas this study observed them interplaying in 4 recognized Madrassas. The study collected data from a simple random sample of size 280 protégés using reliable and valid instrument. Data analyses were conducted using Pearson’s correlation, regression and mediation test. Ostracism played positive role both on personality and career development while general education was lagging behind against expectation. Study recommended rational improvements, direction for future research expressing its limitations.


Ostracism, General Education, Career Development, and Big Five Personality Model

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