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The Effect of Three Phase Approach on Iranian EFL Learners’ Reading Comprehension

Ghazaleh Tarshaei, Alireza Karbalaei


This research examined the strategies employed in the Three Phase Approach ( Pre-reading /During-reading / Post-reading ) stages of instruction language learning. This study aimed at determining the difference in the strategy use by each stage at Pre-Intermediate level. To fulfill the purpose of the study, a piloted sample Preliminary English Test (PET) was administered to a total number of 30 Iranian female teenage EFL learners at Kish Language School, Tehran. Then, the Homogeneity test was administered to a total number of 120 Iranian female teenage EFL learners and 80 learners were homogenized to pass the pre-test. The selected participants were then non-randomly assigned into three experimental groups: Pre-reading / During-reading / Post reading. In one of the groups, the pre-reading tasks, in the second group, the while-reading tasks and in the last group, the post-reading tasks were practiced through 10 sessions and at the end of the course, the participants in each group were given the reading section of another sample PET as a posttest to measure their reading comprehension. Subsequently, the mean score of all three groups and the control group on the posttest were compared which led to implying that the null hypothesis was supported. In other words, no significance Difference was found between the three experimental groups – pre, post and during reading – and the control group.


reading strategies, Three-phase approach, reading comprehension

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