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Investigation of major factors influencing green purchasing behavior: Interactive approach

Hesam Zand Hessami, Parisa Yousefi


This study aims to identify and prioritize factors which influence on consumers’ green purchasing behavior. According to the literature review and exploratory interviews with experts in the field of green purchasing behavior and intentions, components and indicators influencing consumers’ green purchasing behavior were identified and based on that the conceptual model was designed. Then, the validation of the proposed model was confirmed with a high degree of agreement between the experts by using Fuzzy- Delphi method and developing a questionnaire. In the next step, the components which have been identified by quantitative methods break down into effective and influenced components and eventually the severity of the impact was ranked by utilizing DEMATEL method and developing a questionnaire. The main components influencing consumers’ green purchasing behavior which has been identified in this research include consumers’ environmental ideas, environmental factors, awareness of green products and consumer’s values. The results of the components prioritization which is based on weights derived from the technique include environmental factors, consumer’s environmental beliefs, consumer’s values and consumer awareness of green products, respectively. The model presented in this study, has been proposed to overcome the shortcomings of previous studies and continuous improvement in the factors influencing consumers’ green purchasing behavior.


Green Marketing, Green Purchasing Behavior, DEMATEL method

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