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A Study of Methods of Utilizing Sunlight for Creation of Thermal Comfort in Residential Settlements of Tabriz

Behzad Hatefi, AmirHossein FarahiNia


Iran has different climatic characteristics one of which is dry and cold climate in North West regions of Iran. Therefore, it is evident that these regions have a significant share in national energy consumption to provide heating for buildings. The bases of this paper are qualitative library studies, existing books and papers in this regard and it is in descriptive and analytic method. In the present paper, the researcher attempted to introduce different passive solar systems (indirect absorption method) and their usage in the climate of Tabriz in a schematic manner and from different perspectives to provide the basis for sustainable development in large scale.  It endeavored to clarify different aspects of using these solutions and to spread out the usage of aforementioned systems which might finally lead to development of sustainable architecture in Tabriz.


Passive Solar Systems, Solar Energy, Tabriz, Sustainable Architecture

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