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Investigating the Role of Traffic in Managing the Scene of Road Accidents and its Impact on the Insurance Industry

Ibrahim Kardgr, Rasoul Rahmati Nodehi, Mohammad Taghi Fazal Hashemi


This study was conducted to reduce the physical, financial and managerial damages of the scene by the first observers and doers of road accident scene leading to explaining appropriate approaches to controlled follow up of cases of car accident and consequently control damages in insurance industry. This research aimed at scientifically identifying and explaining some of effective factors in reducing the fatalities and injuries of accident scenes that cause the insurance company through approach and explaining this management in reducing the related costs which includes about more than 45 % of the cost of insurance industry controls and reduces the cost. In this research, after analysis of the importance of accident management and its effect on reduction of fatalities and financial and physical injuries, the system of accident management will be discussed. The research results show that accident management by traffic police experts, in addition to avoiding secondary accidents and facilitating the scene analysis cause facilitation of outreach to victims and cleaning up the location of accident and reopening the blocked road and finally leads to reduction of fatalities and financial and physical traumas of victims and passing drivers in the way of accident and as a result reduction in insurance costs for the insurance companies.


road accidents, traffic, insurance industry

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