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Factors Influencing Rural-Urban Migration from Mountainous Areas in Iran: A Case Study in West Esfahan

Abbas Mahdi, Mohammad Hosein Mahdi, Mohsen Shafiei


Migration of young people from rural areas reduces the rural development goals and increase social and economic problems in cities. This is an analysis of the causes of rural-urban migration from Esfahan Mountainous areas and guidelines for reducing migration from villages. Data were obtained using mixed methods approach comprising questionnaire surveys and key informant interviews. Study population are residents of 28 villages from Fereidan and Fereidunshahr counties. The population are 6300 people, who have migrated from these two counties. 362 persons were selected Using Cochran formula, as the sample size. Then, analysis was performed using SPSS v. 20 software. The study revealed that poverty, lack of jobs, insufficient educational facilities, education in the city, lack of public transportation systems, unsuitable mountain Road, cold weather , shortage of doctors, hospitals and health facilities are main factors of rural-urban migration from iran Mountainous areas. So It is recommended to eliminate the problems mentioned to reduce the rate of rural-urban migration for the rural residents.


Iran, mountainous areas, rural-urban migration

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