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Evaluation of Designs of Baloch Needlework and its Impact on the Building Facade in Balochistan

Karim Bakhsh Torshabi, Alireza Narouie, Hassan Abdi


Architecture and clothing is one of the most notable categories of each area's culture. Clothing of Baluchistan area, with regard to its specific features, has great values and potentials including; decorations and designs of needlework used in Baluch women's dress indicating specific art and delicacy that has been emerged by female artists. Artists who are mostly illiterate and have not studied geometry but have created noble geometric designs with unique delicacy. Baluchistan architecture also has potential and features that are sometimes inspired by clothing. This research aimed at analysis of design of needle-works and its impact on building's façade in Zahedan and the inspiration of architecture from design of needle works with regard to the cultural feature in this area. Baluch Needle work as one of hobby skills among people of this area has a particular position and notable history in this area. Designs of this civil art are not only seen on people clothing in this area but also are observed in buildings facades. As clothing, besides adding beauty to people, it protects and covers them. Architecture, also, besides adding beauty to environment around it, protects it and holds it as clothing. Thus, we can consider cloth as human's secondary clothing or clothing as primary architecture. Apart from these, clothing of each nation is one of the cultural aspects of that nation, as architecture is considered as one of the cultural aspects of that nation. It means that we can study Baluch women's needle work from two artistic and architectural aspects. This research aimed at describing the Iranian artistic and architectural decorative achievements and case study of Baluch art and architecture. The research results showed that the unity and reoccurrence of homogeneous designs is oriented towards their unique perception of clothing and building. This research, with regard to its results, is an applied research and its methods are based on field and library study. This research intends to examine the impact of Baluch needle works designs in architecture of Zahedan city through field and library study methods.


needlework, façade, clothing, beauty, design, Baluch, art, architecture

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