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A Creative Playground Design based on Universal Design: An Interaction Approach

S. Torkaman, H. H. Shahabi


Problem solving algorithm of TRIZ using a creative method can provide appropriate solutions due to its abilities in problem analysis. This method is a combination of knowledge and experience. Therefore it has called engineering of creativity. Organizing the required methods for providing the proper solutions in a way that the number of trial and errors limited to 10% is one of the main advantages of TRIZ for problem solving. This research aims to design a playground equipment based on universal design method. Lack of suitable play equipment for interaction between disabled and healthy children make an interruption to communicate each other effectively. Therefore, disabled would be isolated in the society. The overall goal of this research is to provide a base for a proper interaction between ordinary and disabled children designing a playing tool for ordinary parks (not those specially designed for disabled children). In this research, a creative method based on TRIZ was introduced to design the playground equipment for children (healthy and disabled). A questionnaire was used to ensure its consistency. Cronbach’s alpha of questionnaire determined is 0.955 which shows the validity of this research.



Creativity design, TRIZ, Playground equipment, Universal Design Social interaction

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