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Investing the Effects of Preprocessing Conditions on Qualitative Characteristics of Skin Gelatin of the Iranian Beluga

Samira Sabbaghpour, Ali Motamedzadegan, Ma’edeh Mujtahedi


The current study was done for the purpose of determining optimum conditions of gelatin extraction in different conditions, pre-processing from elephant fish (Huso huso)’s skin, by applying acids (citric acid, choleric acid) and alkalis (Sodium hydroxide, Calcium hydroxide) in different densities (0.01-0.05-0.075 Normal) on extraction range, gel strength, melting point, viscosity, molecular weight distribution and color of produced gelatin samples was conducted in three repetitions. Comparing mean values of test results of different treatments was done via Dunken method in a probability level of 95 percent. Effects of all variables on all gelatin characteristics were significant (P<0.01). In optimum preprocessing conditions with the 0.01 normal choleric acid and the 0.01 normal sodium hydroxide, 21.06 % as the maximum determined value for the extraction efficiency, gel strength of 297 (gr.), melting point of 33.5 degrees Celsius, viscosity of 9.05 mPa-S, chain value of 66.9 α, chain value of 28.78β, color light of 41.14 (L*), yellowness (b*) and redness (a*) were calculated to be 11.56 and -3.08 respectively.


gelatin, extraction process, beluga

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