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Humanitarian and Social Attitudes in Hatam Taei’s Poems

Fatemeh Hosseini


A well-known Arab man, Hatam Taei was one of the most generous men of that time and the reputation of his bounty and benevolence is still widespread in all corners of the world. Not only known for generosity among Arab people, but also in other nations’ literatures, his name has been welcomed by poets and used with the hospitality and magnanimity attributes, thus embellishing their works. He was from a clan named Tey, one of the famous clans of the Arabian Peninsula. Also, he was one of the astute poets of the age of pre-Islam paganism. His cognomen was “Aba-sofyaneh” or “Aba-edi” and he has an exquisite poem collection titled “Poetry of Hatam Taei”.  His poems are full of descriptions for generosity and benevolence and humanitarian characteristics as well as high moral and religious teachings. In the present paper, it was attempted to investigate humanitarian and social characteristics in Hatam Taei’s poems including chastity, hospitality, good fame, tolerance and patience, forgiveness, and lack of interest in worldly commodities.


Hatam Taei, Humanitarian and social attitudes

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