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Vol 8, No 4(s) (2019)

Special Issue: Perspectives of Economics and Management in Developing Countries

Table of Contents

Social science section

The Determinants of Pakistan’s Bilateral Trade and Trade Potential with World: A Gravity Model Approach PDF
Muhammad Saqib Irshad, Sofia Anwar pp. 1-19
Governance, Economic Growth and Socioeconomic Development in Pakistan PDF
Muhammad Jamil Shah, Tahir Mehmood, Azmat Hayat pp. 20-36
The Relationship between Knowledge Management Practices and Organizational Performance: Evidence from Banking Sector of Southern Punjab, Pakistan PDF
Aamir Hayat, Asad Afzal Humayon, Muhammad Kashif Aslam, Muhammad Azeem, Muhammad Nadir Hussain Khan, Munir Ahmed pp. 37-55
The Role of Organizational Climate on Employee Performance: An Empirical Study of Government Hospitals of Lahore, Pakistan PDF
Huma Atta, Raza Hussain Lashari, Aiza Hussain Rana, Salwa Atta, Syed Hasnain Nazir pp. 56-63
Leadership and Educational Excellence through Mediating Role of Total Quality Management Implementation: An Empirical Evidence from Higher Education Institutes PDF
Anam Ameen, Kamran Yousef Sandhu, Aiza Hussain Rana pp. 64-75
Corporate Governance and Its Impact on Profitability of the Oil and Gas Sector of Pakistan PDF
Abid Rasheed, Amina Manzoor, Ghulam Mustafa pp. 76-85
SEM Estimates: The Long-term Analysis of Pakistan's Electricity Demand and Supply Gaps PDF
Aribah Aslam, Ayesha Qamar pp. 86-98
Small Ruminants-Holders and Government Supportive Partnership Business Model through Financial Inclusion and Marketing Strategy in Balochistan-Pakistan PDF
Muhammad Shafiq, Benish Malik, Safia Bano, Asma Azhar pp. 99-106
Investigation of the Determinants and Consequences of Employee Motivation: PLS Approach PDF
Saba Sabir, Nadia Nasir, Sana Azeem, Ch.Abdul Rehman pp. 107-121
Association between Derivative Usage, Risk Management and Value of Firms: A Systematic Review PDF
Muhammad Atif Bashir, Nadia Nasir, Ch. Abdur Rehman, Haseeb Ahmad, Syed Sibtul Hassan pp. 122-145
Exploring the Role of Fiscal Decentralization in Capital formation: Empirical Evidence from Pakistan PDF
Naveed Aslam, Ghulam Yahya Khan, Muhammad Saim Hashmi pp. 146-154
Size of the Bimodality by using Trapezoidal Rule PDF
Abdul Ghafar Shah, Abdul Jabbar, Shahid Akbar pp. 155-161
A Study for Validity of Multifactor Asset Pricing Models for Pakistan Stock Exchange PDF
Ehtesham Fazal, Muhammad Shafiq pp. 162-173
Economic Determinants Affecting Terrorism in case of Pakistan: An ARDL Bounds Testing Approach to Co–integration PDF
Arshad Hameed, Jannat Lateef, Saif UR Rehman, Shumaila Nisar, Raja Irfan pp. 174-183
CSR Dimensions and Customer Satisfaction: The Mediating Role of Brand Image from the Perspective of the Hotel Industry PDF
Aideed Bashir, Abeera Amir pp. 184-198
Gender Inequality and Exports Diversification in Pakistan: An Empirical Investigation under Endogeneity PDF
Sami Ullah, Muhammad Zahid Bilal pp. 199-208