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Assessment of technological capability in Iranian automotive industries through developing the model

Abbas Khamseh, Mohammad Mohagheghi


Major factor in the failure to apply technology for competitive advantage in enterprises in developing countries is a lack of knowledge of the firms technological capability level and their use in comparative advantage. The importance of technology development has caused senior managers of the company to identify and evaluate the capabilities of their organizations, and with the parallel to the detection of technological development in the world and monitoring efforts of competitors to gain access to the new technology and take steps toward improving the technological capabilities of the organization. On the other hand, the evaluation is one of the key tools in an environment of the technology management that utilizes this tool to identify the strength and improvable points with the aim to measure technological gap of the technology. In this study, we have tried by using existing theoretical models of technological capability assessment, present developed and native technology assessment model for the automotive industry of Iran including Mega motor company that is one of the major partners in automotive industry, and then based on developed model, we evaluated the technological capabilities of the Mega motor company.


technology, technology assessment, technological capabilities

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