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Regionalisation of microclimate resources

P. Karing


There are a number of methods used to characterise the microclimate resources in constant flux and significantly affected by man. One of the most popular among them is mapping the differences of microclimate and estimating the climatic resources on the basis of those maps. In most general terms, the changeability of microclimate in a given territory is reflected on maps drawn for defining into regions of the microclimate. When estimating the microclimate resources, it makes sense to separately consider the global, meso- and microclimatic differences, which technique provides for more detailed description of the share of microclimate in formation of climatic resources of the landscape surveyed. In Estonia, the research of microclimate has been long in the order of the day. As a result of that work, original methods have been elaborated for mapping the microclimate with computers, and vital recommendations have been issued for use of the microclimate resources in practice.


microclimate resources, Estonia

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