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An analysis of factors affecting the rate of students' tendency to foreign media at the Islamic Azad University-Mianeh Branch

Rafat Attari, Nasrin Oskoui


Present era is called communication era as western countries each year spend too much cost on the media and mass media and one of the means of cultural invasion is the use of media and mass media. These countries expand their domination over the third world countries from distance without military attackcrossinggeographicalboundaries. The main purpose of the study was to gain the attitude of the students toward local mass media and awareness on their interest to foreign mass media. Variousquestionswereraisedinthis study. Is interest to foreign mass media related to some variables? Is there a significant relationship between sex variable and their interest to local and foreign mass media? Whether or not there Is a significant relationship between tendency of students to these media namely their interest and access to local and foreign mass media with variables such as, age, sex, the university they study, educational major, educational semester, being native, occupation and education of parents, satisfaction from family, and provisional background. In order to answer these questions, 500 persons of studying students in the Islamic Azad University (Miyaneh-branch) were selected randomly and the data was collected using Questionnaires.The findings of the study show that there is a correlation between interest to local media and reading newspapers and magazines. That is, with the increase of reading newspapers and magazines, the amount of tendency toward foreign media decreases; and with the increase of tendency toward foreign media, the amount of people who do not use local programs of state broadcasting increases. Moreover, lack of sport centers, attention to local music and TV programs are effective in tendency toward foreign media.


local media, foreign media, students

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