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An analysis of human resource strategic planning in Zahedan University of Medical Sciences by applying SWOT model

Narges Mir Sargolzaei, Abdolali Keshtegar


Nowadays, one of the most significant elements of organizations' success depends on the role played by human resources in such a way that organizations without motivated and energetic human resources are changing into a inefficient and inactive organization. In recent years, human resources assumed a pivotal position in organizations and is considered as a strategic factor in administering organization. The present research is conducted to develop optimal strategies of human resources in one of the country's organizations. The research data were collected through questionnaires, interviews with managers and experts of the organization as well as studying available reports. In order to develop strategies of human resource SWOT, analysis methods were used. Also, Delphi test was used from the initial steps till developing strategies. In the analysis of the research results, there were10 internal positive points (strengths) against 12 negative points and also we observed 7 external positive effects (opportunities) against 9 negative effects (threats). However, we observed a total of 17 positive points (strengths and opportunities) against 21 negative points (weaknesses and threats) as limitation and bottleneck. In the process of entering human resources, the organization under study has a good condition in terms of internal and external factors and is above average level. In the process of output and preserving human resources, the organization is not in a good condition in terms of external factors and is lower than average level; therefore, it is recommended that the organization emphasize aggressive strategies in the process of entering human resources and emphasize defensive strategies in the processes of preserving and output. The findings of the research indicate that the organization in question can improve its performance and functionality by successful implementation of the proposed strategies. According to SWOT model, the graph is curved toward strengths and opportunities; i.e. SO. Therefore our strategies should be SO or maximum or competitive-aggressive.


SWOT analysis of human resources strategies, analysis

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