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The role of green supply chain management on organizational productivity and excellence

Mohammad Khorasani Amoli, Foad Eshghi, Iman Valaei, Fateme Noori


Regarding the competitive market at present age and the importance of environmental problems, green supply chain management is converted into one of the problems for the organizations and companies. Green supply chain management will be useful in respect of the improvement of environmental performance of advantage (benefit) supply chain and will be followed by many benefits such as saving in energy resources, decreasing the pollutants, omission or decreasing the wastes, value creation (production) for the customers and ultimately, and finally improving productivity for the companies and organizations. This research addressed to supply chain and its effect on the organizational elevation and productivity. Statistical population of the present research consists of the staffs of Fooladin Zob Amol Company who are 28 persons. Some questions based on the questionnaire are available for the staff of this company and out of this number, 19 persons answered the questionnaire. The collected data were statistically analyzed by SPSS software and T-test was used for this reason. Research result represents that all of the components implemented in the questionnaire, have a direct relationship with the organizational excellence and productivity in Fooladin Zob Amol Company.


Supply chain management, Green supply chain management, Productivity, Organizational excellence

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