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Aquaculture capitalization five-fold scenarios sorting out: A case study in Khuzestan fishery

Nastaran Joodzadeh, Mohammadreza Hamidi Zadeh


In order to decrease the dependency on petroleum, Iran should apply capitalization in other industries enabling it to be relieved from oil industry linkage. A highly potentiality strategic industry attractive to the capitalization is the aquaculture strategy and Iran is mostly efficient in its preservation and export. Investor’s widely important factor of success in and for such an improving craft is and could be their orientation with strategic importance of aquatic craftsmanship. Here, in this article, our objective is to verify these strategies, via interviewing with the staff in Khuzestan County Fishery General Department plus gradating such strategies due to the importance of these strategies from the approaches of analysts, expert and aqua developers. For this purpose, we classified the fivefold scenarios investment capital. A questionnaire was implemented at the disposal of Khuzestan State Fishery Connoisseurs, which was analyzed by Freedman Test and ANP Technic categorization of scenarios. The results indicated first scenario enjoying the strongest absorption level for drawing attention and trend and willing for such capitalization.


capitalization; aquaculture; invest scenarios; success strategic elements

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