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Managerial Attributes Effect on Mutual Fund Performance: Case from Pakistan, an Emerging Mutual Fund Market

Faisal Khalil, Naveed ul Hassan, Muhmmad Ali Qamar


This paper investigates the effect of managerial attributes like, age of manager, qualification of manager, experience of manager, age of fund and management fee on performance of mutual funds. For this purpose open ended equity funds of 19 assets management companies with a data set ranging from 2010 to 2014 is taken. Fixed effect panel regression is used to control the unobserved heterogeneity between the assets management companies. Results reveal that managers qualification, age, total experience in mutual fund industry are positively and significantly related to performance of funds whereas, age of fund is negatively related to fund performance. Secondly, explanatory variable, management fee is not related to performance of mutual fund in Pakistan.


Fixed effect panel regression, Fund performance, Managerial attributes, Open ended equity funds

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