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The study of the entrepreneurial spirit of home business cooperative among the members in Hamedan Province

Ahmad Yaghoubi Farani, Mehdi Mantashloo


The main purpose of this paper was to study the entrepreneurial spirit of cooperative Home Business' members in Hamedan province. There are 110 cooperatives engaged in Home Business in this province that according to stratified proportional random sampling, 70 persons (managers and members of cooperative) were selected for the study. The study was carried out through a survey method and by using a questionnaire with validity as the main tool for investigating. In order to describe and analyze the data and perform appropriate statistical tests, the statistical software SPSS was used. The findings indicated that the cooperative Home business members have some entrepreneurial characteristics like risk taking, flexibility, Trust on others and interesting to economic welfare. Also, the Results showed that there is a significant relationship between age and gender and entrepreneurial spirit of cooperative Home Business' members.


cooperative, Home businesses, entrepreneurial spirit, entrepreneurship

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