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The effect of assertiveness training on self-efficacy among Iranian high school female students

Mitra Sadat Noghabaee, Mansooreh Nikoogoftar


The current study considers the effect of assertiveness on the first-grade high school female students’ self-efficacy. The research method is quasi-experimental and the design is pretest posttest with control group. The participants included all high school students of the second region in Tehran, including 22 schools. The selected sample is in concordance with the research method of the 3 individuals that  were selected with cluster sampling in several stages and among female high schools in the second region of Tehran. The instruments  used in this study were Hezbergru’s assertiveness questionnaire and The Morgan-Jinks Student Efficacy Scale (MJSES). Data analysis was done by using SPSS 21software. In order to describe the data, descriptive statistics including mean, frequency, and standard deviation and independent sample t-test was used for testing research hypotheses. The results revealed the effect of  assertiveness skills  training on enhancing self-efficacy and its application in education and training. Students need to be supplied with certain skills and abilities, especially self-efficacy for better operation.

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