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Analyzing the Role of Security in Developing Iran’s Foreign Tourism

Forough Ghasemi, Leila Jalalabadi, R.S. Poormoosavi, Zahra Kiyani Ghaleh No


Security and tourism are the parameters of an equation which have a direct relationship and a close connection. In fact, there is no trip unless there is no security, there for considering the tourism would be useless. This research aimed at measuring the feeling of being safe among the foreign tourists in Iran. This research is the practical type and the research method, is the descriptive-analytic. Data collecting method is both library and field (observation, questionnaire, and interview). Sampling method was random and samples were of 150 people, calculated using Corcoran method. Data analytic method was quantitative Results of the research indicated that the tourists did not know about Iran’s tourism security situation correctly, before entering Iran and 55 percepts of those tourists, considered Iran’s security situation to be bad. In this pessimism and misrecognition, the role of western media and their negative propaganda was proved. After entering Iran and confronting realities, 80 percent of them considered Iran’s security situation to be good and they were satisfied with it. Tourists believed that the presence of police officers in tourist site results in enhancing security. But, the large number of police officers may have a reverse result so tourist would fell no secure mentally since they feel a police and security atmosphere. There was a meaningful relationship between a high financial and life security and re traveling to Iran. It means that tourist who felt more secure would like to revisit Iran more. Also, whereas tourist is a mutual relationship, its role in propagating Iran’s realities in worldwide level was proved.


Tourism, security, media, Iran

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