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Designing the Residential Places for Tourists Based on Environmental Factors and Green Architecture: A Case Study in Historical City of Masouleh

Saeid Hasanpour Luomer, Hasan Sattari Sarbangholi, Sahar Toofan


Masouleh is a mountain city and has many striking features. The city has a stepped structure and for many years has been considered as a destination for tourists. A mild climate, breathtaking landscape, newly architectural forms and fresh air are major characteristics of Masouleh. Unfortunately, nowadays many historical and natural textures are converted to touristic and residential areas in such a way that they jeopardize the environment and nature. Although some  may claim that these dramatic changes can help cities boom economically and bring many examples of flourishing cities, made by these changes, there are many real world examples showing  natural resource are consumed hugely for the sake of developments and moreover these changes are not sustainable. In this article, two important common trends in the architectural world are discussed such as sustainability and it is applied to Masouleh in order to protect and conserve the natural texture of the city and also it presents a solution that help city grow economically.


Masouleh, Sustainable, environment, green design

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