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The Study of the Effect of Magnetic Therapy on Improvement of Neuropsychological Functions in Children with Attention Deficit Disorder and Hyperactivity

Kambiz Pushaneh, Susan Emami Poo, Maryam Rabib, Daryoosh Nasabi Tehrani


This study aims to evaluate the effect of magnetic therapy on improvement of neuropsychological functions in those with attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity. The statistical population of present study includes 30 children with attention deficit- hyperactivity disorder in ages of 7 to 8 who are studying in Tehran in 2011-2012 and have admitted to the neurologist's office for treatment. In this study, those children with attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder that referred to a neurologist doctor were used as the sample, who were randomly divided into a control and experimental group. The questionnaires used for this study included Children Symptom Inventory (CSI-4)for the assessment of symptoms of attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder and inhibition, Wisconsin’s test for assessment of self-control skills, Andre-ray test to assess the ability to plan and organize, sub-tests of comprehension, analogies, adjustment of images and joining pieces and Kessler children-III for assessment of changing rate of inhibition skills. The results indicated that magnet therapy method has had impact on improvement of organization, planning ability, and attention deficit symptoms of children with attention deficit -hyperactivity disorder.


Magnetic Therapy, Attention Deficit Disorder, Hyperactivity

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