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An Analysis of Architectural Characteristics of an Aquarium from Bionic Design Approach

Zahra Araghizadeh


From the very beginning, man has spent so much effort on discovering the nature in this unknown territory, and to extract art and technology from nature and after realizing its values, reuse them in different forms and shapes. Therefore, it is necessary for him to make the connection among machine and living systems. One of the main trends in bionic design is to enliven the building. To achieve this purpose, direct or curve lines and attributing the integrity to the building are essential elements for reviving the buildings. Bionic buildings such as aquarium are open to publics in order to show aquatic organism. Majority of public aquariums contain different species. After world’s creation, nature, itself, has turned into a good source of inspiration for designers and architects and during this time, plants and animals could cope with environmental issues through decoration and designing. They have also been trying to be inspired by nature and its surroundings for making needed equipment.


aquarium, bionic, form, function

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