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Antimicrobial Effect of Dill Seed Oil Essence on Growth of Staphylococcus Aureus in Hamburgers

Mahsa Derakhshan, Fatemeh Zaaboli, Niloofar Qasempour


In the present study, antimicrobial effect of dill seed’s oil in 6 levels (0.003-0.006-0.0125-0.025-0.05-0.1 percents) and 4 time period of 10, 20, 30, and 40 days on the growth of staphylococcus aures and total amount of microorganisms in preserved hamburger at the temperature of -18±1 °C was considered. Also, to find out about the effect of dill seed essence addition to hamburger on sensuous characteristics of the product, sensuous evaluation based on a 5-point hedonic scale was performed in three sections of taste, odor, and total reception. Results obtained from microbial experiments showed reduced staphylococcus aureus amount and total amounting, and these changes were significant in concentrations over 0.0125 (P<0.05). Among essence concentration levels, the least and most effects were determined to be those of 0.003 and 0.1, respectively. Sensuous evaluation results revealed that as dill essence concentration increased to 0.0125 percent, it had a positive effect on sensuous characteristics of hamburger. In higher concentration, however, it reduced sensuous characteristics of the product. These variations were significant in the concentration of 0.1 compared with other treatments (P<0.05). According to obtained results, dill seed’s oil essence had a harnessing and lethal impact on staphylococcus of hamburger, and it can be used as a natural preserver in meat products especially hamburger.


Key words: Staphylococcus aureus, dill seed essence, antimicrobial activity, and hamburger

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