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Does Women Risk Averse in Ownership Behavior: Myth or Reality?

Safdar Husain Tahir, Asma Shoukat, Kashif Mehmood, Khalid Latif, Ayesha Ateeq


The study aims to explore the impact of female ownership (FO) of financial behavior measured by three dimensions: financial performance (FPER), risk taking behavior (RTB) and stock performance (SPER). Secondary data of sixty Pakistani companies for the period of 2011-17 are collected. Multiple regressions are applied to analyze the data. The findings reveal that Female ownership (FO) has negative (positive) linkage with FPER (RTB) respectively. However, the findings are vice versa in case of female primary ownership (FPO) with same independent variables. The finding of the study is very significant regarding the behavior of women in the context of ownership. FO (FPO) shows indirect (direct) significant effect on financial behavior vice versa to RTB.


Financial Performance, Ownership, Primary, Risk Taking Behavior, Women

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